Today in the city Hooper Bay 19.02.2018
Samantha Bee optimistically explains the evils of forced arbitration, with help from Gretchen Carlson

Congress is generally terrible, Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's Full Frontal, but "last month, a bipartisan congressional coven" of female lawmakers "teamed up with some of the few men in Congress wh...

Computers stolen in SF Bay Area being resold in Vietnam, police say

Police in the San Francisco Bay Area have linked numerous car break-ins to a multimillion-dollar crime operation that involves the sale of computer tablets and laptops on the black market in Vietnam.

How "See-Now-Buy-Now" Is Rewiring Retail

Retailers are looking at ways to close the long gap between when clothes are shown and when they arrive in stores, and many are considering adopting a see-now-buy-now model.

New Mexico Looks Toward Medicaid Buy-In Coverage

A Democrat-led push to expand health care coverage by allowing almost anyone to buy into Medicaid is gaining ground in New Mexico.

The Prison at Guantanamo Bay Was Going to Stay Open Whether Trump Demanded It or Not

In his State of the Union address, President Trump announced that he had “just signed an order directing Secretary Mattis to re-examine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention fac...

Trump signs executive order to keep Guantanamo Bay military prison open for business

Right before delivering his first State of the Union address, President Trump signed an executive order to keep the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, open and ready to accept new enemy com...

Donald Trump signs executive order to keep Guantánamo Bay open

In his State of the Union address, Trump said he directed James Mattis to keep the prison camp open, reversing Obama policyState of the Union – live coverageDonald Trump has signed an executive order...

Trump signs executive order to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open

The Guantanamo Bay prison has been controversial because of its grim conditions for detainees, who are accused of terrorism.

Bullet strikes 9-year-old boy sleeping in bed in South L.A.

A 9-year-old boy is listed in stable condition after a bullet entered his apartment and struck him while he was sleeping, authorities said. The incident took place about 10:30 p.m. Monday in the 10000...

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